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Paraclete Consulting Group offers a broad spectrum of training services to government, military, law enforcement, and commercial customers. Our training staff and consultants are skilled professionals with extensive backgrounds in law enforcement, private security, diplomacy; governance high threat protection and other complex environments. They have decades of experience serving with elite military and law enforcement specialized units to deliver hands-on, performance-based, individual and collective training for any agency or security requirement.



Beginner to Advanced firearms training for civilians, private security, military and law enforcement agency. Our training methodology sets us apart from our competition. We focus on empowering the student while enforcing a brain based learning approach to the fundamentals of marksmanship. Be sure to check out our upcoming training courses found in our TRAINING tab.


Church Security 

Whether you have an established Security Safety Team in need of outside consultation, or you are looking to establish a team, Paraclete Consulting Group can help.  In a time where places of worship have become a high-value target for those who wish to see evil triumph in this world, the security of your staff and congregation cannot be an after-thought.


We offer an unmatched 2-Day Church Security / Safety Team course.  Day 1 will address security design, active shooter and active shooter response. Medical and hemorrhage control for the Good Samaritan. Day 2 is for the armed members of your detail. Students will learn the fundamentals of marksmanship complete our basic pistol course and demonstrate a basic proficiency level of 80% or higher.  We hope you will let us partner with you in giving peace of mind to everyone in attendance as you continue to spread the good word of our Lord and Savior. 


Law Enforcement

Paraclete aims to improve law enforcement training by redirecting it towards a realistic and applicable training environment. By guiding officers away from the sterile, static, flat range, Paraclete forces officers to train in realistic dynamic deadly force situations. Only through proper training, can we increase officer survival. 



Casualty Care Response training educates students on basic lifesaving medical care while building confidence in personnel to respond in an emergency situation. We emphasize the necessity of this training because emergency medical services average a seven-minute response time. This makes the average citizen at the scene the true first responder! 


Executive Protection / Personal Protective Officer Training

Students will learn the principals of Protective Operations, Protective Formations and Motorcade Operations. Students will conduct Mission Planning, Advance Operations, Low Profile Surveillance Details. Lastly, students will conduct Personal Protective Security Operations live-fire weapons training and qualification. 

Active Shooter Training.JPG.jpg

Active Shooter

This course teaches students the history and profile of the active shooter in the United States. We then use known terrain of your facility to conduct a familiarization walk-through assessing what the environment affords them and how to respond to a violent situation in their building. We cover immediate action to be taken during the initial onset of the incident and how to properly lockout and deny access. We teach students how to defend themselves if this is the only option left. We teach weapon takeaway/disabling and multiple person attacks. Lastly, we teach how to respond when police and first responders arrive and basic trauma emergency management/casualty care under fire. 

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