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Paraclete Consulting Group provides security consultation and strategic planning for your business, event, school or church. Through site assessments and strategic planning we can help to give you and your clients peace of mind through knowing you are adequately prepared for emergency situations.


Threat & Vulnerability Assessment 

A Threat and Vulnerability Assessment of your property assists you in identifying areas of weakness and exposure that can be addressed such as access control, lighting, CCTV and security personnel. It is a lengthy process that begins with an initial site visit and assessment. It is followed up with a written multi-page document for your review and record. It highlights accomplishments, areas for improvement, area crime stats and follow up consultation.


Church Security

Places of worship have become a high-value target for those who wish to see evil triumph in this world, the security of your staff and congregation cannot be an after-thought.  Paraclete Consulting Group specializes in providing threat and vulnerability assessments for all sizes of churches.  

Whether you have an established Security / Safety Team in need of outside consultation, or you are looking to establish and design a team to meet the needs of your congregation, Paraclete Consulting can help.  We offer an unmatched level of service, tailored to meet your Ministry's needs. 

Office Hallway

Assessment & Evaluation  

Through outside consultancy, you can have your existing security program, personnel and capabilities tested. Identifying and exposing gaps in coverage and identifying areas for improvement creates channels of growth and strengthen your security program. 

Paraclete provides analysis and red cell testing of your security program, technology and infrastructure and protective operations. 

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