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Due to the clear and increasing prevalence of online gambling and its related harm, it is no surprise that there is continuing debate regarding the disparity found between the regulation of online gambling and that of offline gambling. Many witnesses told us that they felt online gambling was “relatively free from regulation compared with land-based gambling.”190 This begs the question: why this is the case

Novomatic UK Limited told us that gaming machines are “subject to strict regulation,”191 which includes technical standards and, for some categories of machine, external testing.

They argued that whereas the regulation for gaming machines prohibits a number of characteristics that encourage a player to continue gambling, such as deliberately creating a series of losing or winning games, the regulation for online games does not. And, in addition, gaming machines have limits on stakes and prizes, where online gambling does not.

The most notable example of the implementation of limits on land-based gambling is the reduction of maximum stake limits on FOBTs from £100 to £2, as set out above.


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