Survival Games

Time & Location

Apr 24, 1:00 PM – 6:00 PM CDT Secure America Now Training Center, 410 Nickerson Farms Rd, Seguin, TX 78155, USA

This is the quarterly two-man team “Survival Games” training event! Grab a partner, RSVP and come join us for some quality training. The event will start promptly at 1PM and all teams are required to begin check in and no later than 1:30PM. Failure to make check in will result in a 5 min penalty to your overall time. Cost is $50 per team ($25/person) and teams are required to RSVP and prepay individually by using the RSVP link in the event details. Attendees are required to acknowledge the safety rules and release of liability.

Teams will conduct pistol and carbine drills, assessments, diagnostic reviews and challenges across five different range scenarios covering a ¾ mile distance. Team will participate in training exercises, tests of physical agility, physical excursion, rapid heart rate, unconventional shooting positions, carrying heavy loads, logs and aid and litter bags while armed with a primary semi-auto carbine platform (all lengths and SBR’s permitted) and secondary semi-automatic handgun. Each attendee is volunteering to participate and assumes full responsibility for his/her own safety and weapons handling skills.

Teams will conduct assessed training exercises and scenarios beginning on Range 1: Pistol Steel Competition. Log carry to Range 2 and complete a pistol diagnostic test. Log carry to Range 3 and complete a pistol accuracy drill. Log carry to Range 4” Carbine Range and complete the barricade challenge. Log carry to Range 5: Tactical Range and complete the “World War Z” challenge and finish by checking in at Range 1. Each team’s final time plus misses, plus failure to follow instructions, plus failure to do right, will result in 1 second penalty per deduction. An overall winner will be identified.

Once all teams have completed the initial challenge, teams will participate in the “King of the Hill Drill” and the “Last Man Standing Drill”.

Attendees are welcome to stay and shoot after the event is complete.

The load out for each person will be:

· Semi-automatic carbine or AK platform

· 100 Rounds for the event plus rounds desired for Open Range. (NO ARMOR PEIRCING / GREEN TIP ROUNDS)

· Sling

· 3 magazines

· Mag pouches

· Plate carrier or chest rig

· Semi-Auto Handgun

· 100 Rounds for the event plus desired rounds desired for Open Range.

· Kydex holster designed for that weapon

· 3 magazines

· Magazine pouches

· Quality Belt

· Associa